Do I need to register to become a student: 

    oYes, registration is easy and essential. We only require your name and contact details, such as an email address and a phone number and the place you live in. 

    oWe do not require your personal details, such as your address and date of birth and certainly not your credit card or bank details.

How do I register:

    oSimply visit  https://www.sourcethecourse.com , select REGISTER on the top righthand side of the home page and enter your details

    oAlternatively, use the following link: https://www.sourcethecourse.com/user/register

    oPlease enter your information and create your password

•How do I Reset my password:


    oA new window would appear, simply add your email address and click SUBMIT

    oAn email will be immediately sent to your email address (ensure it has not gone to the Junk folder), use the RESET LINK to change your password.

    oCreate and re-confirm the new password and click: RESET MY PASSWORD

•Can I share my login details and password: 

    oNo, sharing your login details and password is illegal and is not allowed.

•Purchasing courses: 

    oAll courses are a single fee payment transactions

    oThe paid courses immediately become available online for your unlimited use. 

    oSecure payments may be made via PayPal or Credit or Debit cards. SourceTheCourse does not record your credit card or bank details.

•Which subjects do we plan to cover: 

    oWe plan to continuously and progressively add new courses covering all subjects of interest

    oPlease feel free to tell us of your interests and wish lists via info@SourceTheCourse.com 

•How do I become a trainer: 

    oWe are looking for new trainers and we would like to hear from you. Please register as a user and then as trainer


    oWe will be happy to discuss how we can monetise your skillset and content by widely promoting it to our growing world-wide audience